Early morning motivator

A man driving a crv slowed down as I was in the middle of my sprint asked if I’m preparing for this sunday’s run, complimented my form and stance which is uber motivating. He asked if I’m doing a half, I said I was only going to do a 5k with a friend; as he took off he left me a thought ” only 5k? why? do a marathon, don’t waste that form” then he speedily left as I took my quick walk to cool down.

What was that! What an early morning happening! 🙂

Yes, one day, this year I will go for a half-marathon. It’s a matter of preparation and making things work accordingly. It’s not going to be easy but everything is possible, isn’t?


7 thoughts on “Early morning motivator

  1. Marybeth says:

    Hi! Was just blog hopping and saw yours. Anyway, just like to say that I’m one with you in the going for the half marathon goal for this year! Good luck to us! 🙂

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