Core Challenge

Our fellow runner Kloé posted a challenge on her blog which I got included. I figured, challenges are always a good thing to motivate each other and to direct us to a healthy lifestyle.

A strong core not only will make you more comfortable of your own skin but it’ll actually boost all our running abilities. A boost? I’m up for the betterment of my running form and get rid of side stitches that I’ve been having these past few days.

Would you want to be in? Click here for the extended challenge details.

Here are a couple reasons why you want a stronger core:

  1. It just looks great!
  2. Enhances running performance (better posture, less pressure on the joints, stronger stride, etc.)
  3. Enhances swimming, biking, and most sports performance
  4. Helps maintain a good posture (a good posture is always very well perceived by your peers and coworkers!)
  5. For those trying to lose weight, a tighter midsection decreases the health risks of Diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure, etc

The Guidelines are as follows:

– Planks: 10 sec= 2 crunches
– You can use your Abs DVD, just make sure to count how many you do!
– Be honest about it.. otherwise it’s no fun!

This week’s goal: 1000 crunches (turned in before next Thursday, Jan. 28th 11:59PM)

TIP: Did you know that just implementing better posture will strengthen your abdominal muscles and support your back!  To improve your posture, bring your head and neck back and breathe in to tighten your stomach.  Now just do this 3-4 times a day to remind yourself and you will be on your way to better posture and stronger core all day everyday!

I have missed the first week but whoever said its too late?  Let’s Go! It’s worth a try.


15 thoughts on “Core Challenge

      • Kloé says:

        Ok so you are not alone, a couple others haven’t completed the 1000 crunches, so you have this whole week to do it. There’s a new challenge up, that includes the abs and some plyometrics! Hope you can finish up those crunches, and join fort the new challenge!
        – Kloé

  1. pinkcowgirl says:

    I need to do more core work. What kills me is that my core is strong…but it’s under a layer of “fluff” GRRR.

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