2010 Wish List

Wish List

I really have to replace my old overused pair as it has already served me for 2 years. As much as I would love to keep my precious, I have to give it up for my injury free running pleasure. I can already feel my ankles, shins and my feet telling me that my pair has already been giving up on me and that the new ones should come in pretty soon.

Nike Lunar glide for Women

or a pair of new NEWTONS

The Nike Lunar Glide offers adaptive support appropriate for an extraordinarily wide range of runners, improved fit and an even smoother ride. Designed with an innovative midsole architecture called Dynamic Support that adapts to a runner’s gait with each step, providing superior cushioning and as-needed stability. Flywire midfoot saddle provides lightweight lockdown. Advanced stitch free construction adds exceptional comfort. External heel counter delivers robust support. Next generation LunarLite platform delivers sensational cushioning with adaptive support appropriate for underpronators through mild overpronators. Gender specific Arch Bridge technology wraps up the medial sidewall for added support. Nike+ ready. Gender specific flex grooves boost flexibility and transition. BRS 1000 at heel, environmentally preferred everywhere else.

Running Wear for more motivation in action

Nike Women’s Dri-FIT Half-Zip Running Top

Because I run now in the morning rather than my then sunset routes.

Forerunner Garmin 405

I have been window shopping for all these and it looks like I will have to keep my finances tight for 3-5 pay check months.   Instead of shopping for what is glam and fabulous? these my friends is what I define fantabolous.

A Body like Jessica Biel ( Running together with my own Justin Timberlake will be awesome)  oh, and a Rudy Project running shades too.

Yikes! Anyone care to sponsor or let me win a raffle?


16 thoughts on “2010 Wish List

    • chefsy says:

      Thanks Julie! As soon as I posted this I received a call for a hosting job, may I be able to have it so I can buy myself a new runners! 😀

      It’s true, each after race there’s nothing like a sweet reward after. 😀

  1. Joel Cañalita says:


    We would like to send you an invite for our marathon event. Can I get your email adrress please.



  2. Kloé says:

    I WANT the Garmin too!! It looks so awesome (you can actually compete against a virtual mini-garmin-runner!!!).. Did you actually have the same pair of running shoes for the last two years?!?!? You do know you should change them every 350 miles or so right? I took a bit to long to change mine last time, and it ended up in a knee injury 😦 !

    – Kloé

    • chefsy says:

      its awesome to its all form of awesomeness that every runner needs such! 😀 Yes, you can compete and its pretty amazing. sigh.

      Re: the shoes. YES! For almost 2 years now actually that’s why now that it’s making me feel the pain and difficulty running, its giving me the sign that I really have to replace it (although I love that pair very much, it has to bid byebye)

      Knee injury? yikes!! I’m scared for my life. Haha! I’m changing it riht when my paycheck comes in. A MUST!

      THanks love!

      • Kloé says:

        Hey there,
        Making sure you’re crunching your way to 1 000 😉
        Update me by leaving a message on my scoreboard or on the Core Challenge Extended!
        How are the new shoes?

        – Kloé

  3. slorunnermom says:

    I am totally amazed that you have made it two years on your running shoes! I replace mine like every four months or my knee starts hurting. I have come to the conclusion that I have hardly anything to wear to work but have endless running gear….it is a very disproportionate amount 🙂 I’m still running with the Garmin 305 that has been with me for 3 years and counting – it is too hard to say goodbye to a faithful friend and upgrade while it is still chugging away. Hubby has the 405. I believe Garmin is now offering a $50 rebate on the 405 if that helps – you might check their website.

    • chefsy says:

      I’ve got to say, I couldn’t believe myself too. I was on/off on running on my 2nd year hence when I did hit back to training I have felt the pain on my shins and my ankles; I’m scared for my knees already. I’ll be getting myself a new one before the end of the month, can’t risk it anymore I’ve been having a hard time progressing.

      Yes, its hard to say goodbye to a faithful friend. 😦 but we’ve got to move on and progress. lol.

      Thanks! Will check it out, I was also looking at the Timex ironman watch, have you seen it? although that’s just a heartrate monitor and can track the mileage. GPS isn’t much about here in Manila (Philippines) but will definitely check it out.

      Hi Lori!

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