Just keep on going

if all else.. KEEP WALKING!

Running has always been fundamental in my life, I have tested the waters to other sports albeit I wanted to be in all that is there, when life take you to a reality based on a 8-9 hours job plus traffic jam – scheduling becomes a traitor to your plans but running has managed to stay with self-discipline as the only challenge left battling to your capabilities.

I have always wanted to be a better runner but never have I imagined I will be able to love it as much as I presently do these past few years. The on and off relationship was there but only until then it made me realize on how much love I would want to make myself a better person and keep that adrenaline intact with me.

Running helps you find clarity, and enhances your focus towards discernment.  It has released me from an almost manic depression I had when I ballooned 180 lbs due to medication, healed a broken heart as I finish each route with a huge smile that I am a strong woman plus it also gave me the liberty to feel passion within my vain.

Running is amazing.

2010 is the year for running races and training myself until i get to achieve a half marathon for 10/10/10.  I aim to weigh less for my running bliss and work on my endurance,stamina and immune system. We all aren’t getting any younger.

I am glad to say too that in my village where I take my route, there’s a lot of us who are now on our shoes unlike before It was just I together with my courage who’ll jog around the village, fearless on the cars passing by and head on to the mileage I wanted to stride – motivating, isn’t?

I do have a long way to go in order for me to become as awesome as you all are but one day, someday, I too will achieve a marathon too.

For now, I am back on the couch to 5km program and I aim to have my PR time back to 25 minutes (or less?).

Cool runnings! Let’s Go!


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