Make Running YOUR Priority

Change is good. When 2010 came in,  I welcomed myself back to running. I figured, Now,  How can you make running a priority? here are few thoughts:

  • Go to Bed Early. Make sure you accumulate 7-8 hours of sleep. Typically sleep at 10pm and wake up at 6am or for those hardcore early risers, snooze yourself at 8pm and wake up for sunrise 4am.
  • Run in the morning. When you run first thing in the morning you won’t have to worry about how you’re going to squeeze in a route all throughout the duration of the day or have an excuse you’ve been too exhausted from the work load you just had.
  • Quit the Television. If you “marathon” for those sitcoms, why not marathon your way for training? you can always watch the reruns plus you can watch the entire series on your own pace and time. sounds just like running, eh?
  • Run with buddies. Running makes you socialize without even trying. recruit some friends with you, even virtual. Make yourselves accountable, there’s no other greater feeling having tapping another friend to the Running clan.
  • Log it, Blog it and share it to the world. There’s nothing like being on track and feeling accomplished, fulfilled, and accountable. Stories of fellow runners are pretty amazing, especially their journey and having to reread your journey.

What about you, how do you make running YOUR priority? Cool Runnings!


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