Lesson for today: Side Stitches

I was starving and I quite procrastinated on my supposed right after I woke up kind of notion to run. I ate rice and chicken together with my Dad, waited for 35 minutes and took a route.

I knew that I wasn’t supposed to but I had to squeeze in a route since I was leaving in a few hours to attend my God-daughter’s baptism together with my girlfriends.

Hence, the status message I left on facebook:

What was the lesson for today?

If you tend to suffer from side stitches, try to avoid eating within one hour of running. Make sure that you always warm up before your runs.

Also, make sure you are breathing in and out through your mouth when you’re running. Breathe deeply from your belly, not your chest. Deep belly breathing allows you to take in more air.

    Running in extreme cold temperatures may induce side stitches

Damn it was cold earlier today. I loved the weather these past few days but I noticed it has been 2-3 days since I have been getting side stitches. Now, I learned that the cold caused the side stitches as it’s less comfortable to take in deep lungs full of frigid air until you’re thoroughly warmed up.

Lesson learned. I have to catch up on my training. I really want to register for a Half Marathon! Run at the skyway is the Goal! Will I be able to make it? Let’s see.

I had my gait checked at RUNNR and I’m grateful I fell under Neutral. I just really have to change my beloved shoes soon(est).

21 kms, the thought itself is already overwhelming. Let’s Go!


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