The Sign: Train for Condura

When I started this blog I really opted to be invisible, more like not be in the know and just have my blog discreet. I didn’t use my blog address nor introduced it to anyone. I didn’t even let immediate people know that I have been logging in and wanting to write about my routes.

I have been very careful to what I blog, I remained safe and ended up not having to write every bit of what I have in mind but this year, I aim not to be a conservative anymore and just head on track, Run and write every bit of what I have thought. What I did. Whatnot.

2010 is the year I will be running for races. It’s going to be the year I will be working on my discipline and hopefully free myself from hormonal medicines which kept on fluctuating my performance (weight gain too) If it wasn’t because of running, I would’ve been more than 180 lbs by now but no, I have lost 40 lbs in the process and fighting more to lose the extra baggages I have gained from my continuous medicines.

I believe I will be able to get rid of my hormonal medicines through running. It has cured my migraines, got my life back and took me out from deep depression. It has helped me pick up the pieces, gave a pat on my back, cleared my head and made me get into acceptance. I have gone through a rollercoaster ride before which I wouldn’t want to be into anymore.

Back when I was in gradeschool and highschool, I never really thought running would be much on a person’s progress. It used to be “just a varsity team” in order for me to stay longer at school and be with friends.

Now, It’s entirely different.

Let’s Run!

A Marathon is a “Mind Game” and it should be treated with respect.

Yesterday, I was given the opportunity meeting an influential passionate runner Mr. Ton Concepcion. The other man behind the annual Condura Run which will be held on February 2010.

I really do think it’s the sign I have been praying over these past few days. I have met the man himself to motivate me to hop in, take the leap and just go for it.

This really is the year for races.

Here’s to trying. I shall register right after I get back from my Cebu trip.


6 thoughts on “The Sign: Train for Condura

    • chefsy says:

      Jaymie, we have each other’s number. Looking forward to seeing you! i still don’t know what distance I’m going to head for but yes, I want to meet you too! 🙂

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