Thanks Valerie Waters!

Thanks Valerie!

I have always been grateful meeting new people and connecting with anyone around the world. I usually gather motivation and the driving force from living testimonies and whatever there is said by people through their blogs, websites or even from newsletters I receive everyday on my mailbox to comments I receive from this blog, facebook, and twitter.

Super Trainer Valerie Waters

One of those people whom I am very grateful knowing (being acquainted to) is Valerie Waters whom little did I know is one of those Professional fitness trainers Hollywood celebrities work out with. She’s the woman who trained Jennifer Garner for Daredevil and Elektra (they’ve been together for 10 years. phew!) , Cindy Crawford, Jessica Biel, and Ben Affleck to name a few.

Who wouldn’t be on such an awe? usually or typically we think that these celebrities are blessed with personal chef’s, hard core gym equipments and bought time just to work out but in reality, these celebrities are also human beings who wanted comfort and efficiency wherever they may be especially knowing that these people have a fluctuating schedule no one will ever understand not until you become just like them.

This afternoon my kind-hearted father went to the post office to collect a package for me since I report for a 9-6pm job which won’t give me time to drop by for any other errands. I was very much ecstatic on receiving the package since Valerie messaged me through twitter and email few weeks ago that she sent me via USA first class mail Valslides.

Oh, you all just don’t know the huge smile on my face I wore and all the more upon receiving the package placed right to my hands. What a wonderful gift. I am truly grateful.

I now have an additional handy dandy equipment which I can just put on my bag wherever I go together with my nike resistant bands. It’s amazing how much motivation this has given me. All that I have to do now is to put everything into action.

Thank you Valerie! Aside from helping me out on new few tunes for my ipod, you have truly been showering me (and everyone else) the motivation and strong encouragement to just keep on going. I’ll keep in touch and make you PROUD. Thank you for believing and for being just a mail away.I feel like a Hollywood celebrity, Haha! All the way from Manila! Hopefully, when I do get to fly back in the States I’ll make sure to personally thank you 🙂

… maybe we can surf and run together too! Here’s to becoming hardcore!

Many thanks again, Val

Red Carpet Ready TV Episode 10 from valerie waters on Vimeo.


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