Game Plan: Training for longer distance

you should be running for about two months and have a mileage base of 8 miles per week.

The training for a half marathon requires that you run at least three days a week, with one of those runs being your long training run. Your long run will gradually increase during the training, topping out at 10 to 12 miles (for beginners). You do not have to run more than 13 miles during your training in order to complete the 13.1 miles on the day of the race.

Make sure you’re breathing more from your diaphragm, or belly, not from your chest — that’s too shallow. Deep belly breathing allows you to take in more air, which can also help prevent side stitches.

You should exhale through your mouth and try to focus on exhaling fully, which will remove more carbon dioxide and also help you inhale more deeply.

Game Plan for this week:

Day 1: 2 miles

Day 2: 2.5 miles

Day 3: 3 miles (long run)

Day 4: 2 miles recovery run

How to Run Your Workouts:
Your long runs should be run at an easy, conversational pace.

Your recovery runs should be run the day after your long runs. It should be run at a very easy, comfortable pace, which helps loosen up your muscles.

Your other weekday runs should be run at a moderate pace (slightly faster than your long run pace) for the designated mileage



4 thoughts on “Game Plan: Training for longer distance

  1. Argonaut says:

    Hello Ma’am, I would suggest to have your mileage increased by ten percent each week!
    Goodluck po in your training! It’s nice seeing another person enjoying what he/she started and eventually improved!
    See you on the road!


    • chefsy says:

      Hi, Thanks! of course, just up my mileage by ten percent each week. I have been on/off running hence I am starting fresh back to zero but still moving on and trying to get back to what I have banked for before (and try to be even better!) Thanks for leaving me a comment.. its so nice having to read from fellow runners motivating each other 🙂 thank you! I shall visit your blog 🙂

      I hope I get to run a straight 10km this year 🙂

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