I am OFFICIAL : BF Pasko Run

I made it! I registered, woke up, conquered and did it!

I thy now declare myself a RUNNER after this on/off relationship. Although I have not proven much, the fact that I have already for finally got into a race made me felt accomplished. There were disappointments along the way but having to face what is at present got me motivated back.

I attended our school reunion night before which lasted until around 2am. If my brother didn’t pass by me, I would’ve ended up not having to get back home and might have missed this race. I had my yoga sleeping meditation on as soon as I laid myself and had few hours of snooze – a no,no for runners but I still woke up at 5am, walked my way to get my bid and had myself prepared.

Thank heavens for coffee, instant energy drink.

I met up with Nora at the start of the race, took photos together (which I’ve yet to post) as soon as the green light blinked we all jogged our way out and began the journey of my first official race as a runner.

Thoughts rummaged in. My ipod got me going.

I knew I was sleepy and tired but I won’t forgive myself If I didn’t attend the race. I owe it to myself, and I owe it to the route which helped me pick up my lost pieces.

10kms. I wasn’t prepared. I only trained my lungs and my legs for a 5k but I still went for a 10km anyway – or so at least, I knew it was 10kms. Funnily, the route of the race is exactly the mileage I take, My Nike sports band is a testimony that what I took was a 10kms – only to find out that the route which I jogged, walked and ran into was only 7kms. I missed the remaining 3kms!

Towards half of the race, I couldn’t barely breathe anymore. I had to stop and stretch. Took it easy and just went for it. I told myself “ Hey, You’re here to finish it. You’re not here to compete. You’re here for yourself, go for it!

There were limited signs. The men who were giving out cups of water mislead me. Hence, just when I thought I finished a 10kms, I ended up only with 7kms. Damn. I couldn’t turn back anymore since I was nearly at the last stop to grab the mileage knots.

I began my stride easy, I fought with myself, debated and argued. I looked from a far and talked myself. I even had a phase wherein I nearly forgotten that I was jogging. most of the route, I was walking real fast than the easy breezy walk- swayed my hips, pulled myself and just went on and on.

Self sermon is effective. Internalized the weeks that has passed. I sure did argued with myself.

I finished 7kms race in 50 minutes, just when I thought I finished a 10kms. You wouldn’t imagine the ecstatic face I had towards the end of the race, I really thought that I finished a 10kms. I was on high for the time I have accomplished but then again, failed.

I have learned my lesson ( which were the obvious ) and I’m looking forward to the next race I will be part of. I will train and weigh less, I will achieve the PR I used to finish and get back in shape. 2010 will be the year for awesomeness!

Since there was no 7kms category, I have been placed on the 5kms list. Here’s my time:

I finished 110th out of 135 runners ( 00: 50:36 ). Holy Crap but hey, at least I didn’t finish last.

apparently, Since I did a 7kms route – I am quite satisfied on the time but having to know that this is my FIRST OFFICIAL RACE which marks my OFFICIAL PR, I have fell under 5kms for 50 minutes. I shall train back to how it was then and achieve 25 minutes! There’s no stopping. Plan and Run it.

… oh and have ample enough sleep before the race date instead of running semi-intoxicated and groggy. Haha!


10 thoughts on “I am OFFICIAL : BF Pasko Run

    • chefsy says:

      it sure was, sayang! I was uber PROUD of myself on that time .. only to find out that I only made 7kms and not the 10kms . I was wondering parang kulang ung ties that I have on my arm! HAHAHAHAHAH kaloka!

      Next time! 🙂

  1. jetpaiso says:

    hi, thanks for dropping by my site. so you’re also in bf pasko run. sad we didn’t meet. hope next time, you could join us (takbo.ph) for some hellos, chit chat, and class pic. be safe on the road!

    • chefsy says:

      Yes, I was at the BF PASKO RUN apparently its just 3 minutes away from my place. so i can just walk going there. Were you at the TAKBO.PH class pic? I am on that photo, singet! Haha.

      hay nako, are you from BF? 🙂

  2. bards says:

    i was waiting for your post! so 3/4s congratulations muna! kasi you ran lang 3/4s of the distance hehe. but at least you ran longer than 5K and that’s great pace for you.

    on to the next race!

    • chefsy says:

      LAUGHTRIP! It was major laughtrip ( painted optimism to disappointment) Nora and two new friends of ours were laughing away with the 7kms which I did.. when the awarding happened, that was the time we caught it confirmed that I only did 7kms and not the entire 10kms. Hah.

      Kaloka but I SHALL MAKE YOU PROUD! c”, yes, I went for more than 5kms – yun nga lang, I have to weigh less soon in order for me to speed up more. Thanks Bards! will continuously have you in mind. 🙂

      I owe you a complete 10kms next time!! 🙂

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