Change the Distance

It’s going to be my very first race day on December 13,2009 and as much as I feel accomplished already on registering, my heart has been throbbing on the thought that it’s coming near and that I haven’t trained as much as I have planned since series of events has came up and not to forget, I am back to the employed world.

Adjustments are never ending but these things aren’t going to stop me from trying nor adding mileage.

The only training I have gone for was the first week, I paced myself and jogged/ran 1.5kms then fast walk back 1.5kms and the second week was I did an interval jog – fast walk – jog – sprint – fast walk – easy walk repeat but then I wasn’t able to follow up on the next following weeks which is making me nervous but I SHALL CONQUER.

I have changed the distance of my race from 5km to 10km. I thought, just as long as I have my ipod with me and all these runners beside me, I’m sure I’d get pumped as much as I do when I surf. My Nike Shoes needs a race before it retires.

I’ve got to have my gait checked and purchase a new pair of shoes. What about my nike band? I think I can leave without it anymore. my two Nike bands has conked out on me already.

10km on December 13, 2009.

Game plan as of today is that I will eat right (light), get the right amount of sleep (7-8 hours), jump start runs early morning to adjust.

EXCITED! Goal? Just. Finish. It. but of course it’ll be awesome if I get to finish it in 40 minutes.


3 thoughts on “Change the Distance

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