My huge gratitude for NORA, she has always been motivating and keeping me on loop regarding all these fun runs; we’ve had attempts but due to the restrictions, I couldn’t get into all these fun runs but this upcoming one is truly happening for it’s just right where I live!

pinkcowgirl , this is it!

I have this on/off relationship in terms of running but now that I am back to self-employed/unemployed, I will get back to training myself and prepare for this run. My aim is to conquer my fear and just have these feet get into the route; 25 minutes at the goal or not, I AM RUNNING!


I may not be able to finish my first 5k for 25 minutes just as planned but I will train and see what will happen, for all’s worth – the aim here is to finally run my first OFFICIAL race and get myself going! This is FANTASTIC! I shall blog in the game plan, next.

You may find the details HERE


3 thoughts on “My FIRST 5k

  1. Nora, the golden girl says:

    Yehey! Finally, the time has come for us to run together. Kaya lang, 25 minutes pala target mo? Grabe, di kaya ng powers ko yan. But I wish you all the luck, Chef.

    We can actually run the race route together before Dec. 13. Let’s keep in touch.

    Can’t decipher the map but according to the secretary, from the starting line we just go straight along El Grande, then right to Aguirre, right to Elizalde, then right to Tropical Ave. then back to the starting line at the Village Sports Club.

    I’m still waiting for the decision of my therapist if he’s willing to try 10K. I’m itching to run 10K, but we’ll still see each other kasi sabay-sabay namang magsisimula.

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