Been a while

It has been such a long time since I posted which only meant one thing: I haven’t really gone much about running nor have I gone much about my routines.

Living together with my Mom at the other house (which feels like I am at a far away suburbs) had me thinking on what can I do since the road isn’t run-able nor the place is feasible for routes. I figured, although I may not be able to add mileage – I am capable of alternatives.

I feel the tightness of my body and I do feel my body crying for help already for me to get myself moving. My journey towards increasing my endurance, stamina and improvement in terms of my physic has already been a rut for such a long time that I already foresee how quick I’d be running out of breath.

Good thing I have my Yoga dvd’s with me and my notebook plus with the little help of the internet – I am back to fixing my everyday routine to getting better.


One thought on “Been a while

  1. Nora, the golden girl says:

    Kassy, join the 5k race in BF Pasko Run this Dec. 13. I’ll be there with my therapist. Visit for details. I haven’t raced for 4 months. Last Sunday, I joined the Animo Run with my newest recruit (details in my blog).

    Hope to see you Dec. 13 Chef!

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