Clockin’ different routes

Run through places

Run through places

I haven’t blogged for sometime but I’m glad to log in that I have been loggin’ sticks on my organizer whenever I get to run. It’s such an achievement too that I have gone running in other domestic places around the Philippines such as Cebu when I attended a wedding for a friends wedding and all the girls were there to celebrate (literally!) after having to eat goat food (vegetables and 2 liters of water) for two weeks in preparation for all the meat that was about to be consumed and having to scare myself on my dress that might not fit by wedding day.

I too was able to run at Legazpi, Bicol’s Hotel Venezia and at Cagraray Island where the luxurious playground Misibis Bay Raintree is at just recently. I’m having tons of fun running through different places.

Davao, you’re next!

Sure, those were short runs of 3k – 5k but the fact that my feet has gone running around different routes is making me feel more ecstatic. I aim to let these feet feel the jet setters life and log in as much runs wherever possible.

Now, When Will I ever get to join fun runs? I have been flaking on tons of opportunities already. If by any chance any of you SOUTHERN MEN & WOMEN of Manila get to read my blog, please drag me together with you!


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