Adjustments, all adjusments

I love my job, I really do except that I’m seated for 8 hours and the only cardiovascular I get to do is when I climb a flight of stairs going to and from the train station, few minutes of trying to do a pseudo walkathon to work and having to walk from the end of our street to my home.

2 sets of 7 Modified Push ups
3 sets of jumping jacks
1 set of jump rope
2 sets of crunches and leg raises

I’m winded already, run out of breath and felt nauseous. I’m tired and just came from work but swore by that no matter what – I shall work out and have my heart rate up. For the last 4 weeks I have been struggling on waking up early for a early morning jog but I’ve been epic failure due to the time I get home hence I have no other choice but to tire myself more for strength training soon as I hit home.

I can feel my thigh, love handles and my tummy widen by every milliseconds hence this adjustment period should come to its end and just to keep on trying until I get my endurance up especially in terms of waking up early and heading myself to work.

Tons of adjustments, that’s what happens plus I’m under medication trying to regularize my ovulation and taking good care of my hormones.

Just when I thought I’d be able to train myself back to achieving 27 minutes to a 5k and have it beaten up to my 25 minutes goal back then. No, aint stopping, ain’t going to quit trying. I’m a runaholic – I’ll just head on and keep myself going.


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