Medical Diagnose

I had my Medical examination for my employer last month and I was diagnosed with this strange assement which says Acute Pyelonephritis, as much as I wanted to know what it meant I searched through wikipedia only to read upon more strangeness but understood from the key words that it had affected on my kidney and urine which the diagnose also mentioned I’ve got to consider I have disfunctional uterine bleeding.

It must have came from all my surfing spree’s, medicines I have taken especially the steroids which I have been trying to detox out of my body for almost 2 years now however the irregularity of my menstruation has gotten affected for the course of almost 4 months now.

Scary? I have been quite scared but prevention is better than cure, I searched through more online. Aside from staying away from too much iodine induced foods I’ve got to pay attention on the excess intake of sugar or sugar made foods such as refined flours, carbohydrates, certain kind of meats, and been drinking insufficient amount of water and all these were caused because of a deskbound life style (truly, I’ve had such lifestyle for almost 6 months)

So while I need to reduce the intensity of pain caused by possible kidney stone, or be  under medication of this problem, I’ve got to avoid these foods to prevent further deterioration of the ailment.

Alongside to that, I am still on Jillian Michael’s 30 Days shred and the sore sure is shredding me.


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