7 current health tips

1. Adopt that positive attitude

When you believe in yourself, you also grasp the action to move steps nearer to your goal and you get to do what is necessary to do in order for you to achieve positive results.

2. Drink up more water, the clear one.

Anything liquid may sound part of sarcasm but there’s a difference between having to drink up water itself than having to drink up soda’s, iced teas, carbonated water and those other liquid form that you may drink up.

Remember that water has zero calories, come in for free and it doesn’t add up to the calories you should budget yourself on unlike how certain sugars may inject you not only calories but also different other symptoms such as diabetes.

Go on, park a liter of water beside you and drink up!

3. Exercise

In any form. A movement is truly a movement. If you’re living through a deskbound lifestyle, remember to sit up straight than slouching which may cause a protruding belly and terrible posture along the way.

If you’re not the type of person who wants to hit the gym or is on a huge budget there are tons of exercise videos online and tips that you may gather. If you need such equipments make use of water bottles!

4. Eat every 3-4 Hours

Which includes having to eat your first important meal of the day: Breakfast and not Brunch. Eating small meals boosts your metabolisms and would help you in terms of cravings without the extra effort. It’s the best appetite suppressant and not those pills you see over the counter.

5. Don’t mind the scale

If you feel good, your program is indeed working well for you. If you’re the type of girl who gains the muscle mass – then be glad that you did because muscles burn more fats rather than stocking up on fat all the way until you feel terrible and too lazy to move as a couch potato.

There are certain body wherein they burn more on inches rather than the scale and then as soon as you keep on going the scale would follow.

Just like me, those stubborn pounds can be irritating on the scale but having to know that my body fat percentage has been improving every each time I check – the scale has been having my mind off to its relevance BUT that doesn’t mean I’ve got to ignore it all the way to the finish line.

6. Make yourself a Priority not a chore

Mark your calendar and have a plan. It’s great knowing you get to tick off a work out task and by the end of the week be surprised on how much you have worked on taking good care of yourself and by the end of the month you’ll be delighted on how much you have become responsible on having to come closer to a much healthier lifestyle – longer life, more things you get to do and having to achieve that you’re in control of yourself and not the factors surrounding you.

7. Reward

Don’t splurge on that chocolate cake but rather think of the reward differently. If you were able to work out 4-5x a week consider yourself responsible hence the reward of proving yourself right that you can do it, you’re the one in control and that you’re a step closer to your goals.

Have a spa and relax those muscles, go ahead, you deserve it!


One thought on “7 current health tips

  1. Kiara says:

    Nice Post. Thanks for the Tips. But people has to follow these instruction properly which is little possible. Still we should try our best,..

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