Under Pressure

Tip of the day
Under Pressure. Under Pressure. Under Pressure

I haven’t had the chance to run but I have been incorporating as much walking as I can since I have to every single day on my way to work and during at work; albeit it’s hard for me waking up early in the morning, the motivation knowing I have few more weeks before August – I have been undergoing Jillian Michael’s 30 Days Shred challenge. Yes, I finally have a copy and I’ve been sweating, feeling the sore, fighting for every move within that 20 minutes killer work out.

My thighs, arms and lower body is feeling the sore and I’m looking forward to every change that will turn up all for the love of marking all my promises done and swear by to take good care of myself no matter what happens. I am still struggling with my endurance and stamina since the prednisone in my body really gave my system a shut down – I’m glad I’ve been able to recover.

I just really need to get back into a hardcore running training and hit 24-27 minutes on my 5k again but for now, it’s all about strength training, endurance, stamina and continuous progress for my betterment health wise. Burning the fat percentage and aiming to achieve every rate percentage I aim to reach.

Few more days before 2nd fitting for the bridesmaid dresses and I’ve got to submit measurements for my uniform at the hotel.


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