Supplement it in the AM

Obviously, I haven’t been in touch with the sunrise for a route but today, I achieved on waking up early. A 20 minute steady cardio since the girls and I had a collective errand. I figured it’s much better if I already condition myself for early morning runs since I’ll be back to work this Monday and having runs in the afternoon isn’t as feasible as how work was then.

The route turned up into a interval training which was composed of : jogging – steady walking – fast walk – sprint – run – comfortable pace. My ankle started to hurt which had me realize that I wasn’t able to heat up my muscles for stretching. Albeit it was not much a good route, the fact that I was able to accomplish my purpose gave me a head start for the upcoming days.



Also, I bought myself few vitamin supplements which will join in together with my flaxseed and vitamin C.

  • Ferrous Sulfate – for the anemic in me which purposely might be the cause of the delay of my monthly visit.
  • Carnicor – for metabolism, L-Carnitine.
  • B Complex – for all of its benefits which includes Metabolism, immune system, healthy skin and muscle tone

Good start but terrible follow ups. I had French Fries and Hash brown come after on drive-thru but I had Beans early on before I worked out. That was just terribly wrong, Protein came in before the Carbohydrates. That’s sodium which I have been telling myself to stay away from. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I achieved on loading myself with the right dosage of fruits.

But during the later, lunch was composed of Pineapple Orange drink, small serving of protein and garlic rice which was soaked with chili which is a metabolism booster! Phew, I was spent the entire day, I got back home and fell deeply asleep for 5 hours. I got myself up since my Dad woke me for dinner which I only had 1/8 amount of rice and roasted chicken plus a banana.

Here I am logging in as I finish a cup of milk and shall hit the sack again. Until the next morning run!


2 thoughts on “Supplement it in the AM

  1. gingerbreadrunning says:

    Thanks for sharing! I never really considered taking extra supplements, just usually take a couple of bananas. And I have my share of hash browns too. Eek! Anyway take it easy, nice blog you got here, my first time to visit. 🙂


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