Tuesday Boxing Day

Due to 2 straight Sunday’s very impressive long miler jogs, I decided to motivate my partner, Anne for 2 rounds of cardio before we started on our early morning boxing schedule. Imagine, I can actually take a morning jog and box but I don’t really to get to practice is that much. I have proven myself wrong that I can stand the exhaustion during the morning and have the energy throughout the day but proven myself right that I need the pull of motivation to get me out of there.

So, I didn’t allow myself to alternate on a walkathon and started the day right. Here’s a quick run through on the workout which I had last Tuesday.

Madrigal Business Park Route

Madrigal Business Park Route

1 round light walking for warm up and stretching

1.56 miler

  • 1 round straight jog
  • Half round straight jog
  • Half round alternate walk, fast walking and short distant sprint

Boxing training

  • Bag
  • Hanging bag
  • 2 rounds of sparring with trainer
  • 2 rounds speed bag

Gym Workout

  • 30 situps abdominal crunches (15-15)
  • 1 crunches (8-8)
  • leg raise (8-8)
  • 10 seconds plank
  • walking plank (modified) 8
  • side crunches (8-8)

Weight / Strength training

  • 8 20lbs dumbell squats
  • 8 4lbs dumbell raise squats
  • 4 20lbs wood chop squats
  • 16 4 lbs arm raise-sitting on physio ball
  • 8 crunches on physio ball

Soon as I got back home and woke up from a nap, I improvised a substitute for VAL SLIDES.

  • 1 set of  mountain climbers
  • 4 side squats

Muscles weigh much heavier than fat and though I felt really spent (Goodness, I literally had to take a nap to regain my energy) I weighed myself and the 3 lbs which I lost previously last week got back written on the scale. Although friends said that my arms are starting to lose up inches and I’m beginning to tone up, I still have a “protruding midsection” which needs tons of focus and alteration.

For the nth time I have been reminding myself this: I’ve got to have a strong core and up my endurance, stamina as well.

I felt the pain on my lower abdomen as if I had to deplete toxins, I got all bloated up but the good sore was what I have been looking forward to. Will just keep on going! No excuses, I’ve got my Nike resistance band, 5 lbs and 3 lbs dumbells, Shall learn about plyometrics for work-out at home heart rate exercises.


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