Sunday Ritual Found

I woke up at the wrong side of the bed – I felt lonely, gloomy and a gist of being moody. It was almost 3′ in the afternoon when I woke up with a triggering headache. I went straight to the kitchen, drank up 2 glasses of water and took out whatever there is at the chiller and cooked – turned out, the headache was hunger not migraine.

I wrote on my hanging white board which was on my door that I’ll be cooking healthy and jog away any form of sadness. Just when I thought Arroz Caldo was going to be perfect for the rainy season, today – the rain didn’t pour nor was any altitude of a whizzing wind but I had pieces of chicken boiled and had myself stuck to the game plan.

Having fun at the kitchen was a feeling I surely miss, I had the vibe on all of a sudden and cooked as much other food I can think of. There was this sense of comfort which I did – but, instead of having to munch on all of them, the joy of producing dishes which the two boys whom I take good care of would enjoy thrilled me. I made a vegetable dish out of tofu, red bell pepper, carrots and other greens and then because I saw there were few raisins and an ample amount of ground beef, I made my favorite dish with McDonald’s ketchup (haha) define substitution for tomato sauce.

Strangely, I still  felt a little lonely.

I reached out on my closet and grasped my yoga pants, sports bra, comfortable shirt and running socks as I pulled out on my Nike running shoes for a good route around the village and went off to hear mass.

Just like old times, I offered my run to my friends who are currently undergoing family issues, getting married and for myself who’s befuddled having attention withdrawals.

It’s amazing how too many thoughts running through my mind had made me jog off a route without walking breaks, It was an a rejuvenating miler which also had me listen to the gospel, prayed at the adoration chapel for spiritual renewal. I really do think I’ll be doing this more often, having my sunday runs offered for prayers.

Plus, I was able to practice proper breathing which made my runs feel much easier and bearable. All that I have to do now is to just go on with my routine and run as much as I can, up my mileage little by little until hopefully reach a 5k distance back to 27 minutes (aiming for 22-25 minutes)

Also did few squats, arm raises and crunches. I knew I just had to move, move and move. I hate being idle or the fact that I have nothing on my agenda list. Thank heavens for running, somehow I was able to give myself a pat on my shoulder for progress.

Healthy meals and a good route. Lifestyle change.


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