Jillian Michaels Tunes

Running Tunes

Running Tunes

No,  I’m not Jillian Michael’s fan but rather I’m one of her avid follower who’d want to be stuck at the ranch and be sculpted by her terrorizing training towards lifestyle change and respecting your body.  My back to running regimen has been hyped once again after I have read on her twitter that she just released a mixed tape of her tunes – hence, I have upgraded, uploaded, updated my itunes.

After I was able to listen to the tunes, it wasn’t that heart pumping ones but more on the type that’ll make you run on a relax talking phase. It wasn’t what I expected – drilling and pounding.

Nonetheless, I shall have the bed rainy weather work together with my runs later in the tunes of her mix. Shall blog about its effectiveness on me.

Thanks Jillian!


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