Health Check & Boxing

Body Fat Analysis

Body Fat Analysis

Yesterday I was able attend another session at the ring. What I love about having trainers around and being able to have a work-out buddy is that I get more adrenaline rush not to procrastinate. I get to pour out my best to move.

We were asked to jog around Madrigal Business Park on a refreshing friday afternoon. If only I knew I could’ve had my nike band on my wrist however I felt that it was only a kilometer route. Afterwards we went back at the ring.

While Anne was together with the trainer, I went ahead for a 3 minute jump rope session, few punches at the hanging speed bag and tried to channel Hilary Swank punching on the huge punch bag.

Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby

Thank heavens for the Million Dollar Baby movie, I was able to note down few tricks which was to tighten the core when punching and to breathe nicely for much power punches ( that I’ve yet to practice and master )

I had 2 rounds of punches together with my trainer which was exhausting! The uppercut – jab – hook – cross in random was breath taking! I swear, I lost out of breath and my energy was drained out which had me more inspired on working out on my endurance.

During the break I went to the reception to have my Body Fat analysis.  I took a long breath before the outcome was given to me – I swear, I hate measuring up and trying to figure out these kind of things but only truth would make me more determined.

I was asked to weigh which got me raged – the scale said I gained 10 lbs ( I was already down to 135! how could it possibly go up to 145?! ) but of course it was also my fault since I haven’t really been running as much as how I used to but the analysis gave me more answers.

From a 48% body fat analysis back in 2008 when I first started, 33 % before I hibernated from running, I am down to 30% which makes me 6-7% away from my first Body Fat percentage Goal (24%)

My then 33 BMI has went down to 26.5 which makes me 5-6 away!

concluding that I have gained more muscle mass and lost fat in my body but I will still need to work on my weight since MUSCLES doesnt FLOAT on WATER plus it’ll be hard to run with the wind as well.

Realistically, I’ll aim for my weight to go down to 120 lbs and just get myself going if I’d still look healthy back to my old weight of 105-110 lbs.

I have already settled for a 8 week project; disregarding the weight on the scale but rather on what is internal plus my endurance, stamina and strength when punching, paddling to surf, catching a wave and measurement on my clothes (not to forget getting rid of this protruding belly).


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