Inspiration in Flesh:

Pia cayetano

Pia cayetano

Boxing at the ring sure is exciting and I have been looking forward to it since it was scheduled on my calendar. I have missed the feeling of having to look forward to every run, which obviously, I haven’t had the chance to up my mileage as planned but during the first trial session at the Ringside, I got inspired after I caught  Senator Pia Cayetano, a fellow runner whom I have been wanting to meet ever since ( the chance was there but I got all shy on introducing myself and to embarrassed I haven’t lived up to being a runaholic – anymore, as much, at least )
I overheard her conversation with the trainer while she was stretching. She complied that she just wanted to squeeze 15 minutes – 30 minutes work-out before she head to another long day, meeting. I figured, She’s this woman who has been all out busy, squeezing her brain at the senate and all those serious stuff, how can I complain that I don’t have enough time if I sure do have tons especially knowing I’m job hunting, doing part time job online and being all out domestic at home?


It’s such a shame, I’m booking myself runs with no excuses.I’d have to literally drag myself outside even though I’d have to conquer a route – I’ve got to face the truth, I hibernated, this is my consequence.

Maybe, on the next session If I do get to bump into Senator Pia Cayetano I’d be able to come near her and introduce myself , even have a photo together – tell her how much of an inspiration she is on running and what she does.

Sounds like a plan. I need not to chicken out.


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