Boxing at the Ring

Boxing at the Ring

It was May 12, 2009 when I have finally decided on pursuing the trial promo date at Ringside. I figured I’d have to do something which will alternate my running — a sport which I will enjoy and will take my mind off certain frustrations and stress and tone me up along the way.

Ah, finally,  I conveniently found one.

Anne who also has the same goal as I am took the session together with me and what’s even more exciting was Sandi, a Professional Photographer was there to document our exhaustion. It was too exciting I fiercely took each 3 minutes round seriously up to the extent my heart rate went up, I felt dizzy with the entire world seemed to blur out on me. Phew. After few breathing exercise which I have learnt from Bikram Yoga before – I was back on track and worked out on few more punches and worked-out on my core.

Also, note to self: Must not go boxing with only 2 hours of sleep. ( yes, I couldn’t sleep due to extreme excitement!)

Sweat was extremely undesirable but the feeling of having to punch out toxic thoughts and a well fulfilled work-out had my adrenaline satisfied. I’m so going back on Tuesday and will be enrolling together with Anne.

I’m truly determined on working out on my health, have my adrenaline back up and endurance well formed. Having to alternate Running, Surfing and Boxing is truly making me excited on all sorts of things.

  • Gain Endurance
  • Better Stamina
  • Core Strength & Stability ( All the more for Surfing! )
  • Strong Immune system
  • … the list goes on.

I aim to fulfill in my short term goal which is up until August and finally, get to run a official 5k with all the energy that I’d be



gaining. It’s sucks knowing already that the Steroids which I was induced on last year still is within my body and I don’t intend to let it win and make me miserable. I’m fighting and I’m getting myself healthier, it’s only through training and having to help myself up my immune system will it go away.

Slowly but Surely. Consistency is the key. I’d want to just get into as much sports I may get into rather than having to spend it on alcoholic drinks and sabotaging all those that I may want to do in the future all because my health couldn’t handle it – That’s the worst reason I can ever think of.

I can see myself on pursuing Muay Thai, too! Wait and See. I’d want to do a Jessica Biel.

I haven’t had my run yet since I have been catching up my sleep but here’s to this coming week. I shall up my mileage and Go!


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