Ryan Reynolds and Me

… well, at least it has something to do with my new fond love actor, Ryan Reynolds.

One of the reasons I chose RUNNING specifically, was because (as Murakami so eloquently put it) my competition is the most formidable foe of all; ME. The person I have to beat is the guy I was last week. The person I was yesterday. Indescribably worse, those affected by Parkinson’s wage a similar war in their own bodies every single day. Unlike a marathon, their struggle won’t end in a shallow pool of vomit just outside Tavern On The Green while waiting for an ambulance. They continue day in and day out, silently battling away in the most personal of struggles.

Ryan Reynolds

Today, the weather was perfect. I had my running gear on and loaded up my ipod. I could’ve sworn by a good jog route since I am amazed too that ever since I have taken myself out on our village – there are already few others who are starting to jog during my afternoon route. Amazing how one does an act and others follows; though there are tons of cars on the street it just won’t stop me from trying to achieve a mileage which in our case, other’s case, it didn’t stop them as well.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take a route because my brother and his girlfriend went out. Nobody will get to man the house. Instead, I had my work out video’s on my sophia (mac) and settled for a good sweat by Minna Lessic; I’ve got a collection of work-out DVD’s since that was what I settled for when I was in the states and during the crucial 5 months of depression when I was starting to pick up my health.

15 minutes on warm up did fine but during the next session which was the Tank Top Arms session, my heart rate was up that I almost felt like fainting. I swear, I feel i have been out of shape and though my body can still handle it as well as my mindset, my heart was racing and pouding, I gulped up on a pitcher of water and took a pause.

After a while, I did a short set of Abdominal training then 5 minutes from the 15minutes over all total body transformation session on the DVD. I felt hunger hence I ate protein loaded meat and swept the floors after few minutes to burn up the calories I ate and had few more minutes of Aero-weights again.

I’m fueld up on my exercise routine since 2 days ago I was mistakenly asked by tons of people in a minute interval if I was Pregnant. Holy cow! that totally freaked me out. I’ve got to work on this abdomen which I have been neglecting and tomorrow I shall burn more.

I signed up for a Boxing trial at the Ringside and I’ll be focusing on that sport to boost up surfing and running.

Now,  what is it with Ryan Reynolds again? I stumbled across Ryan Reynold’s blog instead of having to click out on the right link for his twitter account but what I just got was better than the bliss of having to find his (btw, he still doesn’t have one) twit; I went through his blog on huffington post which is ridiculously funnily written and got inspired by what he wrote on why he ran for the New York Marathon, albeit his posts are effin’ funny -you’ll be able to read through how inspired and dedicated he was for the love of his father and health.

Just recently a health conscious friend of mine questioned my  COMMITMENT. I was awaken by these alarming thoughts which had me work back on my CONSISTENCY. Ryan Reynolds has written it well, Running makes you conquer your own personal struggles.

I started running due to the struggles during those days when I was depressed and deeply needed all the self-esteem which has gotten lost since I ballooned up to 170-180 lbs. I’ve got few more loads to burn but I’d have to keep on going and achieve on my long term goal – Fitness and overall health.


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