Strategy back to a 5k

Finally, I was able to map out a schedule for my runs. Unlike before, I used to run during quarter period before the sunset but as I have gone used to waking up for an early 8am online teaching session, my mood sets on to the working a very productive mode hence I have figured to run during the day right after my first session. I’m taking it as another session but for myself and then get to cook lunch for my Dad and Brother.

Honestly, having to get back on training has given me more motivation to fix through a system. I have been absorbing too much negativity which is leading me to a disastrous disposition but having to run to for this training has given me a huge pat back on my shoulder for a job well done. Truly, It’s something to be Proud of — the progress is there, the struggling and the determination to get better again.

I’m taking full responsibility for the loss of my strides, endurance and stamina. I have to face the challenges once again and conquer strengthening not just my self-esteem but also my mindset that not all great things comes in for free but more like when you really work hard on gaining it, owning it – Slowly but surely!

The return of the 5k training.

Strategy: alternating walking and running from the beginning, ( “speed recovery without losing any of the endurance effect of the long one”).  Alternate 2 minutes jogging, 2minutes walking and 10 seconds sprints in between. I didn’t bother on obsessing about the time of my strides but I managed to finish 1 mile. I wanted to push myself for another mile however I didn’t want to cheat out on the training plus I wanted to work out on a steady pace strategy which will increase my endurance and condition my breathing as well as my body along the way.

Soon as I got home, I held my 3 lbs dumbells for few repetitions and 20 crunches, 20 leg raise.

Then off I relaxed on few breathing exercise before I went back to the reality of having to do the domesticated tasks which was to cook lunch, wash the dishes, sweep the floor and get back to work for the scheduled online classes.

It feels good. It felt good. Light and easy but that’s the strategy. Next, Circuit training.

I’m looking forward to achieving a 5k race together with you runaholics and my virtual running friends (since we live hours away from each other) Leng and Mia!

Note to Everyone and Nora: Thank you very much for reminding me about my medium term goal, perhaps my long term goal has been left for the Marathon and the medium term goals are my old long term which were the 5k and 10k. Do you think I can still make it for the marathon, preparation in 2 months?

Oh, Here’s what I did right after my last online session (4-5pm)

As always; Thanks Sarah, Katrina and Valerie 🙂


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