Domesticated Life

So, I’ve told everyone and declared my come back to fitness. Sure, I have been running out of breath but the amount of sweat is just fantastic! I have noticed the difference from how much sweat I used to expel before than how it is now.

I have been doing few domesticated tasks at home since we no longer have a helper for months already and I reside together with two men (my Dad and my Brother) so, I have always been in and out of the kitchen, my room and nowhere else but those two domains.

Today, I swept and brushed the floor as if I wanted it to be crystal clear. Adding to that, I walked going to the bank and walked back home too. It felt great however I still feel much of the guilt since I still haven’t had a good route.

Pardon for neglecting, it’s just that I have been suffering from hyper-acidity and migraine for the past two days and the heat of summer is just unbearable!

Instead I did few of what Sarah showcased and did few exercises together with my handy 3 lbs dumbells.


One thought on “Domesticated Life

  1. lonerunner says:

    scrubing floors can be good cross training alternative. Heheheh… I am also without any runs for weeks now . 🙂

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