Leave me breathless

I haven’t been running for the most numerous weeks and I know I have published through on my blog that I have officially declared myself back to the routine but I still haven’t been consistent.

This summer since I am unemployed again and only have online teaching on the side as my part-time job (so at least there’s few bucks that’ll go to my bank account) I have to allot time to head back on a route.

I’m not expecting that I won’t be having a hard time on my first kilometer because having to train myself on my first 5k months ago took time, heading back to a route will definitely make me feel the struggle again.

I’m keeping my positive outlook – I have been there before, I can be better than before even!

I still have my ipod with me, my Nike wrist ipod case, the tunes, my rubber shoes hence therefore I’ve got no excuse but to head my way out there and have a good run.

I won’t say that I’m officially back but I should and is back! But let me start from turning the ignition on to warm up.

Ergo, Walking. Yikes.


2 thoughts on “Leave me breathless

  1. Charles White says:

    You know, the will, the drive, the finding of something inside you is what is needed to succeed. Whether it is running, teaching, or whatever you apply yourself to!

    I know you’ll do it!

    Someday, we’ll run together and you’ll run circles around me! Go for it!

  2. Johnny says:

    Welcome back — am sure you’ll get back into the groove really quickly. Looking forward to finally meeting up with you in person in a race soon!!

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