Fast Workout, Burn Baby!

I may have not been able to run as much as I get to since life has been calling out for more time on me and all that I have left to spare is the time to snooze; there’s no such thing as missing out on any workout schedule.

Quick set in the morning.

How are you?

Remember the promise OPRAH said she’d lose weight for the / by the Presidents Inauguration? See how Sarah had it altered and what I have done for tonight.


4 thoughts on “Fast Workout, Burn Baby!

  1. Chef, I just found out today that the registration for the Happy Run this Sunday is now closed. It’s actually a run organized by Drew Arellano for the benefit of Bagong Tanyag Elem. Sch. where only 2 classrooms cater for 800 school children. Jan. 25 is also the bday of Drew.

    Will update you of future races. Good luck in your training. TAke care!

  2. Life keeps getting in my way too…but I found a way to squeeze more workout time in! I bought a trainer for my bike so I can bike inside even if it’s bad weather!! NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!!!!!!

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