change at a time

I was able to get back to a route but instead of listening to the usual R&B songs, I have been on Cadence. Sure, life got me back and I haven’t taken the next run but today I have engaged myself that I will wake up at 4am – have my breakfast, hit my light weights and alter my life back to my new employed schedules.

I teach in a nearby college which means I’d need to walk the talk, practice what I preach. One of those is that to PRIORITIZE THE SCHEDULE.

Caught latest photos and my arms are back on its bulge. I haven’t surfed for a month which means I haven’t paddle through the ocean. Resistance training is what I’m out and about now. So, this week. I aim to wake up earlier than usual and just go on to see if I’ll be much more efficient all through out the day.

Few dumbell moves

Crunches & Bicycle Crunches

Random Yoga Stretches

Jumping Jack

[edit] Guess what, I did hit the road after all. 30 minutes and on Cadences meeting the sunrise. I feel accomplished and Proud to think I just had my day started. Now, Ive got this slight ache on my right ankle. Yikes. Not that bad, perhaps a little more stretching may do the works.

Awesome. I’m back on the road. I love the cadences, I just jog according to how they sound on each song.


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