Drop, Droppity Drop Drop

Last run was October 25, 2008 – what a disgrace!

But today, I did it! I managed to go for a quick walk interval jog (1.42 mile)  and though I still feel a bit running out of breath and wanting to hit the sack as early as 7:30 pm I’m really glad that I was able to start the ignition and just let myself get on moving.

It was also the first time I plugged on my friend Eryk’s gift the US MARINES Cadence inspirational music drills while having a route. It sure is effective; without my knowing I was already jogging together with the sound of their feet while they were corresponding to the cadence.

Also, for a quick sprint I had Bon Jovi’s “You give love a Bad name” full blast on my ipod; thanks to Barney Stintson’s feel good music episode on How I met your mother – it still has never left my playlist.


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