Home Remedy

I haven’t been posting as much since I haven’t really taken a good route however 2 Saturday’s ago I was able to before we had a surf sunday. It was a 20 minute interval training which I always do and I feel sad about the downfall of my agility, endurance and stamina towards running.

My fault.

My gym membership has been taken aback held for a few months since I’ve got to get back into the employed world, save up and until then get back in the gym but for now all that I have is my feet plus these home remedy videos.

Christmas is all around the corner. I haven’t been moving as much but I’m aiming to lose a couple more poundage (5% of the 10% goal?) and to just keep on going because a couple more weeks, we’d be surprised it’ll be summer again.

Time to fix my body clock again, get into a routine and hit it right back to where I started.


2 thoughts on “Home Remedy

  1. lonerunner says:

    I experienced the same thing around feb of this yr when I cancelled my Fitness first membership, I aint able to run. after about a month i started to lose my endurance that took me years to earn. Dont allow urself to lose it myt b difficult to get it back. cheers

  2. runningshield says:

    i myself have gained about 5 -6 lbs ( 5’5 – 136lbs.). its so hard to lose again. we really have to cutout the junk food. but im sure in time will be back to our deadly form. see you in the races

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