Reasons & Powerhouse

A couple of weeks ago I focused on engaging my Powerhouse (Abdomen), coined by those who practice Pilates. Today, I had tons of house chores and having only 4 hours of sleep I wasn’t able to hit the gym but rather I managed to do a set of the exercise I did during my LOWER BODY SORE (Sept 22) post.

Alongside, I’m very much motivated and determined to lose inches not only for my clothes to fit right but also I’ve got to glam myself for upcoming special occasions. Here comes a hosting gig on friday, my cousin’s

Family Reunions, Oh No!

Family Reunions, Oh No!

Pre-Nuptial Shoot 2 weeks from now, Holloween, a debut plus my Mom’s birthday this November (Family reunions are always giving me high criticisms) then here comes Christmas then the Wedding on February which I have vowed I’ll look elegantly vivacious on that gown when I speak in front of the crowd.

Running and the gym visit shall have its time tomorrow, I’m back gulping on protein fruit shakes after work out and having my favorite Australian Oats in the morning.   I’m dearly praying I’ll be able to wear my favorite jeans before the year ends, get to have my core stronger for more surfing power and generated enough money for me to enroll back to Bikram Yoga, Capoeira and/or Swimming.


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