Week 2 : Back rolling & reminiscing

My Gym membership at Fitness First will be held frozen starting next month hence the fear of not having the comfort of entering the gym has been giving me the motivation and determination to hit it back – I have brought myself back at the quarters of the base I have first stepped on my feet during my day 1 recovering, building myself back to up my resistance, immune system and everything else that has encapsulated what health meant.

I remember my fat body percentage back then was a whooping nerve wrecking disheartening 46% , my first step on the treadmill was such a task, I literally turned teary eyed as I cracked few jokes with my trainer, Shouting each time I grasp on every weight machine and the drenched feeling of losing energy on such a short time but then my pride drove me back on not accepting the downward spiral of change that happened to me – gradually, I was able to burn off poundage and recovered from everyday crying from not wanting to open my closet since there really isn’t anything that I’d be able to wear, feeling horrifyingly ugly and from keeping myself on closed doors as I was afraid to let people see me looking like a whale.

Having to touch base back to where I started, I’m very grateful I have done something I will forever be proud of – to stand up, move forward and instead of wallowing over the problem, quick start and have the solution. It took me months before I shrunk and having my clothes starting to be my friend again as well as photos; these extra body fat percentage and weight on the scale will eventually bid farewell.

Last month my body fat percentage has improved to a jaw dropping 33 % which means I’m 10% away from my Goal but the good news doesn’t end there. All the surfing spree and getting back on track has blessed me to a percentage less hence I’ve got the last 9% to really work out on.

The journey I’ve got to face isn’t going to be easy but the last 20 – 10 – 5 lbs  and having to fit on my favorite jeans will be worth every effort and I take pride on achieving it the healthy way.

There’s this floral top I have been crying on before since it I couldn’t wear it on me, the bottons won’t close nor would it even cover my front but the other day, surprisingly it has finally did! Now, I’ve got my thighs and my jeans to work out on together with this middle section that needs its abdomen be redefined.

How was my work out?

Cardio: 1.5 hours on the treadmill which was composed mostly of brisked walking. Funny how texting can really distract you through time. I forgot that I was moving but I was able to run an extra 10 minutes straight.

100 crunches

50 leg raises

20 side crunches on physio ball

2 30 seconds Plank

1 set of crab plank

I did a set of the week 1 video although instead of 15 lbs dumbells, I only managed to carry 8 lbs. I’ve got to start on the week 2 video and get to run 15 minutes this time.

I’ve got a debut to attend to on November and a special wedding to prepare for February hence I’ve got to get myself going. The holiday won’t even be an excuse for any other binge.

Here’s the video 2 I’m going to do this week in addition to week 1:


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