Baby steps once again

Good sweat! Although my left leg is aching due to uric acid, my vains were acting up terribly I still managed to finish a route of 1.29 mile in 20 minutes. I brisked walked and had interval runs, sprint as I strode near my house. I have missed running.

Surfing has taken over my time and so does all the house chores when I’m at home but today, I was able to get out and just did what I have been prolonging – I have finally taken a route.

I aim to finish at least 7 miles in a week and ignore the time frame of each route just like what I did back when I was starting.  Unfortunately KOTR registration ran out of singlets for me, hence I’d still pursue and train myself until I finish an entire 5k to 10k with lesser brisk walking.

50 crunches

20 side crunch

40 leg raise

1 set of the hundread

1 set of the wood chopper

1 set of the week 1 video


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