Lower body sore

From having to do such work out yesterday, I felt all the sore on my buttocks  and thighs as well as my sides. I’d just want to share on how much I have missed feeling the good sore from a work out and I’m really looking forward to another work out that I’ll do with such result.

What more if I do get back and have a trainer? err.. I’ll just work out slowly and have the sore but I really do miss having someone to motivate and keep an eye on me as if I was prisoned that I’ve got no other choice but to finish the supersets in snaps.

Tonight before I sleep, I did 80 crunches and a set with 8 reps of that squats with a 3 lbs dumbell which bursts soon as I raise my arms up. I can still feel the sore.

After all the chocolate kisses, coke and iced tea? I’m so getting back at weights, resistant bands and interval runs. I’m not sure if I can make it on a 5k or how my time was then, but I’m just keeping myself going.

When I wake up I’ll be doing crunches and before I sleep (Sides, Criss cross and few leg raises). I’m also back using my Resistant Band. It feels good that I’ve got my toys.

Try out Sarah’s new Pilates Video for this week. Thanks Sarah!

How about you, How are you?


4 thoughts on “Lower body sore

  1. Nora, the golden girl says:

    Reading your workout, I feel I’m the laziest trainee on the planet. I don’t do crunches coz they make me dizzy (dunno why). But I strength train using dumb bells/crunch ball/resistance band if and when I have stored energy to do it. Otherwise, I just relax on the couch and watch my favorite TV series CSI.
    5k tayo sa KOTR ha? Oct. 11 na. Registration started yesterday at ADIDAS outlets and the RACE booth in Greenhills.

  2. witchkitty says:

    Let me know how much crunches you need and how long have you been dping it until you get those firm good abs luv! My flabby flab flab is hopeless!

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