Something New & BF Percentage

I went to the gym the other day before lunch after I together with my friend attended a job interview. I was her guest and took a free work out session with a trainer hence I took advantage of the moment and requested if I may have my Body Fat estimated through the tanita.

I have been scared to take the test but I rely more on the body fat percentage rather than what the scale says. Sure, I still am stuck to 135 with my own fault of not having to run as often as I did due to my reoccuring insomnia.

From an almost humiliating 50% body fat the very first time I had it, I am now down to 33% which is actually the tip of the Healthy range of fat percentage for my age. Hurah! That called for more motivation to work on muscle forming activities!

I feel sore on my arms, back and shoulders which is awesome and a little bit pain on my sides. From doing repetition of 3-5 lbs dumbells or a set of resistant bands work out at home, I can carry 40-60 lbs of heavy weights on those gym machines. Sure, I was overwhelmed! I couldn’t even carry a 20 lbs when I started soon as I was taken out from those bastarding predinisones for my allergies.

See what difference a year can do. I love it! All the more I now have a new ipod video nano which is cute and pink, I now call her Britney replacing and giving my heart a bid farewell to Jillian which was stolen in my own room.

Also, I have a new nike+ sensor, Bob.


4 thoughts on “Something New & BF Percentage

  1. runningshield says:

    Running is away of life. but cookies and cakes is a love hate relationship. Congratulations on the 33% B.F. keep it up . great job – patrick Concepcion / runningshield

  2. kassy says:

    Re: Runningshield

    I couldn’t comment on your blog however I REALLY WANT TO HAVE A RUNNING PROFILE PICTURES! Those are AMAZING!! I wish to run and have enough muscles and lung power, I just have to re-adjust and have my runs more consistent the way i started. I have been quite slacking off due to schedule — but will — run.

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