Homework #2 DONE

I really feel like a tortoise once again with much worst I can feel my body weight as if I’m running with dumbells and heavy equipments on top of my shoulder. I hate it when I run and I feel a little jiggle here and a little wiggle there but that’s one thing that I surely will bid farewell to and never would want to have ever again. However, Since I wasn’t able to run yesterday as promised to Bards ( I’m so sorry Coach! ) I took myself with a set of weight training on DVD. Not much about squats and lunges but I’ll get there.

Tonight regardless if the sun has already gave its farewell I gave myself a pat on my back for giving it a try to have my foot set around a route but I don’t think I’ll risk myself this way again. I just waited until the rain stopped and after I finished cooking dinner and few chores left.

When will I ever achieve my old weight and get to have a body that may resemblance such as what that photo portray? IT WILL HAPPEN. IT MUST HAPPEN. IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. Until then, I’ll rock the waves, get to do trekking and maybe be a tri-athlete. I’ve got years to work on it, nothing to lose, eh?

I did the following in 44′ minutes

1 km jog

1 km brisk walking with high knees and small steps (but fast) alternating

.5 km mall like walking alternating to brisk walk and few sprints

.5 km jog and alternating sprints

1 km mall like walking to brisk walk to mall like walk cool down

I can feel the set back that I have really terribly be needing to do consistent runs to up my mileage and get my time back to how much I have worked on when I first started before I had the long pause from the route. My insomnia for straight 3 days has been fixed having myself fall asleep at around 9-11pm or midnight at most and I get to sleep straight 8-10 hours a day.

Now, I have to quit OVERSLEEPING. Haha! the irony of this body clock.

I also did 100 crunches and 30 leg raise.

P.S I still have this HATE relationship when it comes to DISHWASHING.


3 thoughts on “Homework #2 DONE

  1. Veronica says:

    Glad your insomnia is gone. Hope you are finally well rested or at least, well on your way.

    100 crunches is great! I NEED to start doing that. Seriously. I forget how important it is to exercise your core which will help out your running. I’m going to try doing that soon.

  2. Nora, the golden girl says:

    Wow! Where did you get the energy to do all these??? Hope you didn’t overtrain yourself.

    Don’t be obsessed in losing weight fast. It takes time (sometimes years) to lose the 25 lbs. that you’re aiming. Concentrate in waist measurement instead. Aim for 1/2 to 1 centimeter decrease in waist per month. The rest will follow. Good luck! Hope to run with you in future races,

  3. pat3za says:

    Dishwashing is a b*tch!

    Haha don’t worry about the oversleeping bit…. it’s your body’s way of catching up with all those insomniac nights!

    Oh and great tip for the crunches I learned from doing Attack: put on a really cool upbeat music (try Hook Me Up – The Veronicas), and do the crunches while the music’s playing. Don’t count, just sing to the music and stay with the rhythm. And then stop when the song’s finished – you won’t even know you’ve already done 3+ minutes of crunches!

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