Post-Homework #2 & House Chores

My Homework was to do what I just did, NO HARD BREATHING which means when I’m about to feel as if my lungs is about to clutch itself from inhaling and exhaling; I’ll slowly pace myself to brisk walking or turn myself walk a little less effort before I switch back to a mall-kind-like of walking pace.

I’m supposed to achieve 2-3x training per week and increase my mileage and days gradually until I get back to struggling to my ultimate goal of Six workouts per week–2 days of strength training, 3 days of shorter-distance runs, and 1 day of longer distance

I’m actually training myself to wake up a little much more earlier from a slacking time management since I will get back to the employed world sometime soon. I’d have to make my body get used to running early morning runs which I already foresee myself conking out in a couple of hours after during the mid-day until I get myself set for better days.

It’s going to take some time but every run is worth it.  I woke up at around 4am but I didn’t want to wake up my mom to secure the house since I’m going out for a run, so I’ll have my homework done late today.

Have I mentioned that doing home chores is supremely tiring? I’m living the domestic life and intend to practice this lifestyle until I get back to the world of independence. It’s been weeks since our helper left us.

Swear, I really don’t get it why everyone’s rushing to getting married or at least the fact they’re all about to get married? Don’t you all realize that having a family is such a work out already? I’m single but having a Mom who’s supportive on my quest on knowing more strategy on how to take good care of a home is making me have a better perspective to just shoot, aim and hit my career; get rich and retire early with helpers to do the cleaning. Haha!

Damn being a woman. What an over share of thought.


4 thoughts on “Post-Homework #2 & House Chores

  1. Veronica says:

    OMGosh! I know what you mean. I am single, I live alone, no kids, but because my boyfriend occasionally visits me there is always a huge mess! I don’t get it. How can one man make such a mess in a place that doesn’t even belong to him. ugh. And it bugs me to clean after anyone. And I’m not even married… imagine the mess if I were?? OMG

    PS. Check out my blog. I have a survey. You should do it!! 🙂

  2. pat3za says:

    hahaha i’m ok being domesticated except for one thingi really ABHOR doing: dishwashing!!!! i can cook, clean, do the laundry, fold the clothes, iron, vacuum, mop, sweep, even friggin’ cleaning the fridge – but not dishwashing.

    le sigh. such is life!

  3. sfrunner says:

    Chefsy, I haven’t forgotten you. Hope everything is going well. Always remember that these things are one step at a time. I know you’ll do it though. Take care and we’ll talk soon!

  4. Nora, the golden girl says:

    Chefsy, you actually have two choices according to Jackie of 97.9 Love Radio (what an irony!)

    1.) To remain single and be miserable for the rest of your life OR

    2.) To get married and wish you were dead.

    Now, what would you choose?

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