6 Week Change: Homework #1

Bards and I has been exchanging messages and officially is my virtual coach. I felt, It would be better for me to have a woman who can actually lead me on to this quest wherein she herself is a living testimonial who also had the same goal relatively to where I want to be.

My homework was due 2 days ago but due to the dry heat warm weather I went back at home and decided to have a set of crunches and few arm exercises with my 3 lbs dumbells. Yesterday, I finally did my homework.

The order was strictly comply on “NO HARD BREATHING” for a supposed 40 minutes. I accomplished a 3.37 miler in 48’50” minute route.

How did it go? Here’s the breakdown.
– 1 km jog
– .50 km walk
– .30 km jog
– .20 km brisk walk
– .20 km jog
– .80 km brisk walk
– .20 km jog (tried a faster pace)
– .50 Alternating Jog, Brisk walk
– .30 slow pace, mall like walking

Nike+ SportBand

Nike+ SportBand

It went something like it. How I wish I’ll be able to buy a new ipod (but Jillian will always be my first love) seriously the Nike+ Sportband is quite hard to get used to plus the fact I always look forward to the voice of those great runners telling me if I have accomplished a new PR and giving me a notification if I’ve got only 400 km more to crunch to nevertheless it’s great having my old ipod shuffle back to action and that I’ve got a new Nike+ Sportband to run with.

I’ve got to give it a name… what about Bob? Lol.

The good about the long pause I had from hitting the road was that I conked out earlier, which cured my insomnia! if before it intensely already caused my insomnia – now it is back to its heavenly benefit = much better sleep.

I slept at around 10 or 11 ish and woke up at around 4am. Made breakfast and blogging about the run but most likely I’ll be taking another nap before I cook lunch, do few weights and stretching then off for the OKTOBERFEST (THIRD EYE BLIND!!)

I won’t drink any alcohol, ironic as it may defeat the purpose but Yes, I say “No more alcohol for me.”

Looking forward for my NEXT HOMEWORK! 🙂


5 thoughts on “6 Week Change: Homework #1

  1. hitme64 says:

    so if not alcohol, what gives going to octoberfest? food? hehehe, of course…

    i don’t drink…makes me sleepy…not that i don’t want to sleep, i just want to sleep on my own time…

    continue the homework, looking good…how about a before and after when this is over? 😀

    carry on…oh btw, get a gym ball, they’re great for crunches!

  2. bards says:

    hiphip … horay! text you later for the next HW. 😛

    not being able to sleep i get … but waking up at 4am! well i wake up pala at 4am but strictly for running hehe

  3. king del rosario says:

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  4. Veronica says:

    So sorry about your iPod. Hope the sportsband is working better for you. I’m sure you’ll get used to it. I remember contemplating buying one before I bought the one with the nike sensor. Its good that I don’t have one because I’m already jogging with the forerunner and an iPod. I wouldn’t want to look all bulky with someone else on my other wrist. lol 🙂

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