Jillian is GONE

You read that right. I was dead asleep from the world when my Mother together with our hired day helper snooped in my room to fixate whatever mess that I have to start with my overdue spring cleaning a couple of days back and soon after I did the cleaning up, after 4 days of throwing out tons of papers and sorting out on the necessary to those that needs to be disposed – My ipod, Jillian, went missing.

I know where I last placed her (it) and the ipod jacket wallet is right beside it as well as my light dumbell weights but then giving the benefit of the doubt, I just finished thorougly cleaning up my mess thinking that it’ll eventually show up when I get to finally say I am done with my unloading of clutter.

She’s still missing and I only have my Mother and the hired helper to blame but then again, I couldn’t blame our hired helper because her mother, who does the laundry for us has been working with us since I was a little kid and it was her daughter whom we hired.

Tell me, I tried to get back to running and just to keep on going but It’s gone and I couldn’t even last a km. I need my tempo, I need my music and it’s almost the New York Nike+ Virtual 10km run. The only race that I have been waiting for and excited about.

Hence, Although I have been surfing. I will need to get back into running while I am job hunting which means I have to take a pause from surfing due to financial means. Now, I’ve got to find a job, get back to work and when my first salary comes I’ll get myself an ipod video nano.

This girl isn’t quitting and I’m setting myself for Pilates.


One thought on “Jillian is GONE

  1. 1miletogo says:

    Maybe Jillian took a short vacation, look in the weirdest of places, she is hiding somewhere. focus – and snatch the pebble, hmm, you are ready – go forth in find. I will send you some facebook Karma to help in the search 🙂

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