Must. Move!

I haven’t had any decent run for a couple of weeks now which had my 2 days attempt on 6km gone into a breathless set back and here I am trying to get back into pace since Nike + 10km virtual is coming up soon.

Aside from the fact that I have been neglecting or rather not having the ample time to set my foot out for a route, I have been suffering from insomnia (which isn’t new to me) as I try to finish clearing up the clutter I made in my room trying to do some post-spring cleaning for a good yin and yang.

Few crunches once in a while, side kicks and leg raise; few squats and sitting up straight. I try to cheat few seconds and minutes just to stretch and do some exerted body movements. Also, I pamper myself with massage therapies by pouring few oil on my palm and having my muffin top soaked with a good massage in circles as I damp few more on my tummy as if I have magic hands that can flatten my bulging gut.

I survived day 1 without any effort on not eating rice but will I be able to make it for day 2? I had peanut butter sandwich though and few cream cheese, Fried Fish (so unhealthy, defeats the purpose of having FISH) and banana slices BUT damped on sugar – tss, the suppose good diet turned up disastrous. I could’ve just had rice instead.

Soon as I get to find where my ipod is, I will direct myself on the road and have a km jog extending to power walks after.

20 more pounds to go and here’s to another surfing weekend in La Union!

1. Power arms, PADDLING POWERS!

2. Tighter core for me to be able to turn the board to where I want it to head.

3. Squats in order for me to manage my weight stable on the board.

See, Surfing and Running are pretty much influencisive to this weight loss challenge. I simply want to lose weight not only for the health concern but rather for me to improve on sports!

Maybe, I should attend Pilates. What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Must. Move!

  1. Trisha says:

    Yes pilates! It’ll strengthen your muscles and wake up those other muscles that were sleeping. Pilates is great to do a day before and a day after a really intense workout.

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