Get back on Track

I have been slacking off and having a hard time working out the way I used to due to sleep problems reoccuring not also to forget that I have been helping out at home on domestic living chores. Cooking, annoyingly washing the dishes and maximizing the work out I can extend each time I’m at the wave pool or at the beach as I also strive to practice until I get to excel on Basic Surfing.

I did had a 6km walk 2 days ago wherein I did 1 km jog/run in a slow pace (argh, set backs!) and 5km brisk walking. I’m heading myself back to training for pace and distance which means I have to set my nike+ activities to distances or calorie burned rather than on timer if I’d be able to achieve finishing a 5km to my goal time.

I swear, I couldn’t finish an entire 2km again without walking. I can feel my body stretch ballooning and photos are trying to tell me I’ve got to get back on track; do what is necessary when I started in this journey.

Hence, with the help of Bards (thanks) I will discipline myself and have her keep an eye on me together with you my fellow runaholics. Sermon if you wish, suggest whenever as I am open to all motivation and learning. I can feel my shins sore after each route.

Currently I am fixing the huge mess I did in my room (for good yin and yang) until then I’ll hit it back on the road, fix myself back to how I once was.


3 thoughts on “Get back on Track

  1. flydi007 says:

    actually, i do weight watchers online! you can sign up and access it anywhere-i’m not one for group meetings, so it works perfect for me! i’ll keep blogging and let you know how it goes!

  2. Johnny says:

    good to see you’re getting back on track. i’ve had a set-back — injured my left foot last Monday and have been coping with it — looks like tendinitis. Working on cold foot baths to lessen swelling. I was using some ointment but it looks like i’m allergic to it as my foot swells up after a day’s use. went without it today and it seems to help. will ice it again later. bummer — looks like i’ll be off my running feet for a few weeks. good luck!

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