Done with the Birthday

So, It felt forever since I last posted. I can’t believe how the birthday week turned out and its spontaneity really gave too much happiness written, covered all over me. I have spotted on the photos during the Long Surfing weekend back in La Union and the difference was just humongous.

What difference? Not a good one. In a span of July 26 to my surfing birth date August 7; The curves that I didn’t know was already there disappeared and had me look wide and chunky. I still haven’t checked out on my scale since I have been feeling a lot more guilt than being forgiving; I’ve decided to work on myself until then I’ll step on the scale, face whatever it’s going to tell me.

Compare, Here are the Photo Proofs:

July 26, 2008

July 26, 2008

August 7

August 7

First Photo: I’m the third girl, right to left.

Second Photo: I’m the second girl right to left.

Although I have no regret about all the fun and all the paddling exercise we’ve done over the surfing days; along side I have realized there’s just too much aside from the physique that needs attention.

1. I need stronger tighter core

2. Lose weight in order to push myself up, faster, lighter.

3. I’ve got a problem on my left foot, left knee it’s hard to do lunges and squats.

It’s amazing how this entire getting fit makes you learn more about yourself just when you thought you really know who you are. I’m snapping back to reality hence I’ve got to work on my curves back again and get into my goal weight. The party is over, I’ve got to get back on track – back to square one.

The set back of not having to run as much hits you really hard and I still am recovering and trying to get back to my endurance, stamina and agility to run further but NO,  I am currently in a phase as if I just introduced my legs on the road.

1km straight jog-run

5km walk

60 minutes cardio.

Hence I have been reading more about walkathon as well and not just running standards. If you can’t run it? Walk it! But I still dream that one day, some day I’ll be able to carry a tight abdomnial and run with only a sports half-tank top bra plus a comfortable running shorts hitting on a strong stride along the road ( or on the treadmill)

It’s never too late for what might have been. I just have to keep on going.


3 thoughts on “Done with the Birthday

  1. pat3za says:

    i miss the beach 😦 it’s so bloody cold in here.

    joseph and i are doing a 20km marathon in september! this time through the harbour bridge and around sydney city! woohoohoo!!!

  2. 1miletogo says:

    I think that the surf board size difference is causing the difference in the pictures. The surf boards are not to scale – thus causing the pictures to look differently. I don’t believe it is you at all.

    All that matters is how much fun you are having.

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