Dear Universe, Once again.

It’s my birthday and I’m surfing, I’m building a huge gut and it’s not pretty. I’ve had enough, I’ve got the wine. Forgive me and make me not suffer much migraines and I’ll be happily yours back in running meanwhile I’m off to surf and see what life will take me.

Thank you to tylenol too although it’ll be best if runs can cure such headquake.

For you, my runaholic friends, THANK YOU very much for all the love and motivation making me more determined and push myself that there’s no other way but — have these feet step on the road.

Will post more sensible note and wish for a better Universe.



11 thoughts on “Dear Universe, Once again.

  1. pat3za says:

    Beer lang katapat nyan, mare! 🙂

    Ya know, you pushed me to get back into the swing of gym things too so thank you kassy you know me love you long time girl!!

    Wishing you more kms to conquer, more sleep hours, less migraines, and lots of waves on your surfboard mileage!!!!


  2. Veronica says:

    Chefsy!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Surfing!? Wow, sounds fun. I wish I could be that daring. I can’t even swim. 😦

  3. hitme64 says:

    happy birthday!

    don’t worry, you’re running days aren’t over…

    enjoy your birthday, enjoy your life, enjoy good food, and curse the day you won’t enjoy anything at all…like when you’re old and haggard…

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