Hormonal Balancing – Bad timing!

I have been suffering from terrible split migraines for about three (3) days already and I swear it’s not anyone’s liking to have such especially when the time of the month is upcoming but within my case, I haven’t had my menstrual period for monthS due to my concern all because of all these running and concern towards health, I had myself checked with my OB GYN as well as our family Chinese Doctor who prescribed me medicines for HORMONAL BALANCING which I believe I am already having.

All those months that I haven’t had my monthly period I am now suffering from too much kick to a painful undescribable feeling. I couldn’t eat well nor can I drink much since I get to induce them out – I swear, It aint pretty.

Feeling irritatble, unjustifiable and the sad part is It’s already nearly my birthday I still haven’t been able to do organize much for what I’ll do on my midnight celebration – I mean, if I’ll be having much more of this migraines I’d rather be at home and try to sleep all the pain off.

I hope God will permit me to celebrate my birthday, NORMAL and not bed ridden.  I’ve yet to do some running and it’s not allowing me to do so. I’ve been feeling weak, I couldn’t even drag myself to walk, each time I try a stride, my head feels like bouncing off much more pain.



4 thoughts on “Hormonal Balancing – Bad timing!

  1. highaltitude says:

    so sorry for that. i certainly sure it will effect all of your activities, including running.

    migraines or headache is a symptom, i suppose. you might have something that cause you to have migraines and as you pointed out, hormonal balancing.

    i hope you’ll be ok very soon.

  2. witchkitty says:

    aww! i understand what you are going thru! I am feeling i would be on that “days” on the race on sunday! … and plus the cravings it gives you! hah!

  3. Patrick says:

    Ouch! Hopefully this is your first and last episode.

    My migraines usually come in groups of 3 within a week or two… It’s a real bummer. It’s not so much the pain that bothers me, but the blurry vision just kills me. I’ve tried linking them to red wine, but that’s no longer a concern… So the search continues.


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