August 2 : Happy Birthday Richard Run

Happy Bday Richard

Happy Bday Richard

According to my ipod my 3 km Personal Best is 20’17” , I thought I can beat it and have a new PR but I was defeated by 20 seconds; damn last 100 m. Since I can’t make it to celebrate on Drinks for Richard’s birthday ( one of my surf bud’s) here’s a run offering as promised.

Oh, my friend Eryk who sent me this Cadence motivational marine songs had me going. It was funny, I was literally shouting what they were singing; can you picture those Navy/Marine men on green jogging and saying out loud what their Cadence, Corp Commander was asking them to say? Yes, I was literally shouting it then. Good lung work out, albeit quite funny since I wasn’t aware I was saying it out loud already – Good times, Good times.

left left left right ale-o ~

I feel Good!

That was the same lyrics I was saying while I was running. How Adorable!

I had fun running today if not only I had to cook dinner for my family, I may have gone farther.

See you in La Union this weekend Richard!

Here’s another run to prepare for Jenny’s Birthday tom. 🙂


2 thoughts on “August 2 : Happy Birthday Richard Run

  1. Trisha says:

    Kas, can I just say that there’s a huuuuuge difference with your photos now and before? You can really see how much weight you’ve lost!!! I’m so happy chica! So jealous as well kasi I think I’ve returned to my lazy self – have been off exercise since Wednesday because of this stupid flu! I’m nearly ok na, so starting tomorrow I have 1 week to prep myself again for the 14k half marathon on Sunday. Good luck to meeeeee hahaha!

  2. hitme64 says:

    what weight? i don’t see it…what i see is an ideal weight for you…then again i haven’t seen you before so i’m just guessing…:p

    keep on running though since it’s the best way to lose weight…:D

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