Note: Episodes

Someone from our friendly neighborhood mentioned that he/she has the complete collection of Dr. Doogie Howser M.D.

Yes, I dearly want a copy 🙂

I hope he’d be able to read this. I seriously was looking for that specific comment who he/she was. Oops!


[edit] WANTED: FOUND Thanks lonerunner


6 thoughts on “Note: Episodes

  1. chefsy says:

    HAHAHA im done with HIMYM , super can’t wait for season 4. 🙂
    Have you checked my multiply? I’m filled with Barney happenings to the extent even the Lazer Tag, I literally researched if we have it here in manila! :)) and oh, their pick up lines? IT WORKS! 🙂

  2. chefsy says:

    I’m from the south (near alabang.) though, maybe we can catch each other! finally? Hahaha dahil kay Doogie Howser! Yehey!! 🙂

    Childhood memories, Childhood!

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