August Route Offering

After my 2 week break away from training, having myself get back into it had me felt the set backs although at nearly around 10pm I can already feel myself tired and wanting to sleep however sometimes I still find myself twist twirling on my bed so instead I tire my eye as I read a book from my coffee table.

The Virtual Run training yesterday made me remember that I run with a reason and purpose. I offer each of my mileage and after a route I have them logged down.

It’s been such a long time since I did.

For the past few days I haven’t offered anything so starting today, I will be offering my runs for my upcoming birthday and for my friends who’ll be celebrating their birth date’s this month.

One route for each of you.

I have been feeling anxious over a lot of random things about getting another year older but life has left me with nothing else but the choice to move onwards and just to keep myself hyped until I get to step on where I am destined to.

Today, I am offering my route for clarity, that I may be able to forgive myself for all those whom I have forsaken and those who may have hurt me in the past; accept that this life may have tons of rollercoaster rides but during the end of the day, its only YOU whom you get to validate all these emotions and path with.


3 thoughts on “August Route Offering

  1. Johnny says:

    Me thinks that you are so deep, so filled with emotions based on experience — characteristics of a natural artist — just hope you remain grounded — your offerings during your runs are intriguing. Running with a purpose!! Or rather using running to create purpose in life! My advise — enjoy and don’t get too serious with life!

  2. e-rod says:

    glad to hear that the vr served a purpose that’s important for you. so my bday is this month. does that mean i get a route to celebrate it? 🙂

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